Supplements and nutrition are the topics I focus the most on – and also the easiest to communicate online. It is easy to advise how to check for thyroid issues, for example, or proclaim D3 or Omega 3 deficiency (as almost every depression sufferer has it). Lifestyle advice is tricky – lots of us are in denial and under the illusion that they exercise enough and that they definitely aren’t couch potatoes. However, depression is intimately linked to a one’s lifestyle and I simply cannot avoid the topic.

It seems that porn addiction and all that is related to it is a huge issue for the male population. The psychological process of punishment and reward is the controller behind all life processes and if it goes haywire, the results can be dire. We do certain things for a prize – mostly a subconscious reward – and we avoid doing others for the fear of punishment; we go to work to earn a living and provide for our families – it can be a source of pride and fulfillment. However, if the “prize” can be obtained without effort, an issue ensues. Why strive for a good mate, good job, and status if online pleasure is at your fingertips. It is not the same as the real person but it also removes moral and ethical boundaries and allows for unrealistic scenarios. Read online forums for case studies of those who fought with their internet addiction (I admit that masturbation is healthy but not in excessive amounts) and their lives changed dramatically.

I am not an expert on female psychology and I can only guess that the process is similar – maybe we should talk about an addiction to online chats and flirting? I don’t know, really…

Let’s discus commonalities, true for both genders. Our identity consists in huge proportion of other people’s influence. If we are surrounded by unmotivated wet-blankets who take mediocrity as a norm, we will never have the drive to change ourselves. I really advise you against toxic and dis-empowering internet forums where life-losers deintegrate successful men, criticize women who rejected them, blame the world for their own unhappiness and do nothing do change the status quo. It is shocking – each of these men could be a different person if he changed his online environment. Spending one’s life in front of a computer screen won’t bring happiness – it can become a catch 22 situation. One doesn’t have friends because he spends too much time online; one spends too much time online because he doesn’t have friends. Consider this for yourself.