Number of those afflicted with depression is increasingly rising. There was a time when the disease was quite obscure and isolated cases excited worldwide curiosity. These days, nearly everyone has met a depression sufferer face to face.

Many theories exist regards the origins of this silent epidemic. Some researches state that we simply have it too easy as powerful, direct, action-necessitating triggers are few. Others claim that overabundance of information and responsibilities are too much to bear. The most promising theory links the changes in modern diet with the disease. With practically unlimited access to tasty foods, the limitation of choice to simple, unrefined products has been removed. Take bread: the flour it is being produced from has been completely stripped from nutrients; we – consumers – gorge on fat and sugar, ballooning in size while our cells – completely devoid of vitamins and minerals – die of starvation. The organ that suffers the most is at the same time most complex and sensitive to depletion. It is our brain.

The issue seems to be swept under the carpet by modern medicine. Studies are published, showing that sufferers exhibit consistently lover levels of certain nutrients (as compared to general public). There are also trials done in which remedying nutritional depletions results in obliteration of depression. Unfortunately, there is very little effect or reaction to these findings. Though the case of depression sufferers is close to heart of many medical professionals, money is the real issue here. Procedures and treatments are controlled by powerful, multinational corporations and profit is the only thing that matters to them. As one cannot patent foods and vitamins, patented medicaments are the only way to go. What this means to you is that self-education is the key; thankfully, Internet is an Aladdin’s cave of information and advice from independent, “alternative” practitioners, can be obtained. This website aims to be such a resource, offering professional, selective and verified pieces of information.

Regionally, in Poland (place where website author was born), the matter is quite muddled. Cases of medical doctors who’d lose the right to practice their profession due to an erroneous diagnosis/treatment are more in the realm of wishful thinking than common occurrence. The number of patients diagnosed as depressed, but suffering from a different disease, is very high. For instance, a lady diagnosed with and treated for ventricular tachycardia recently posted a message on our forum; the diagnosis did not sound fully convincing to me though and I managed to persuade her to perform additional blood and urine tests. To cut a long story short, she was really suffering from acute kidney failure. The extra tests probably saved her life. This was an almost unthinkable oversight on the part of her doctors – which is why it is crucial to use your best judgement and perform necessary diagnostic tests before starting a course of treatment, even nutritional supplementation. Not many of us enjoy being pricked with a needle, but this is easiest, fastest and cheapest way to determine what supplementation is needed exactly.

By no means do I encourage shunning your GP’s advice – the materials offered are not a substitute of a real-life consultation, diagnosis or certified medical advice. It is within your ultimate responsibility to educate yourself further and verify the facts each time. Our website collates pieces of information on self-help from various sources as well as shares stories of other depression sufferers.