We are what we eat – this is my firm conviction after years of moderating a holistic medicine forum. There are miraculous cases of curing with food. One of the contributors to the forum has been cured from a huge tumor of the thyroid (already causing breathing problems). Others have been cured from rheumatoid arthritis or atopic dermatitis. I am not going to mention the “little things” such as leveling off of cholesterol or normalizing of blood pressure – as it borders on obvious. The huge dietary change we are talking about is becoming vegetarian.

Vitarians are an extremely interesting group – consuming mostly smoothies made of raw fruit and vegetables. Mood of some of them lifted to near of euphoric levels. The amount of medicaments taken has decreased, blood test results have improved…Unfortunately, it is only deceptively easy – vitarians have shown issues with their teeth and bones. They were also protein, iodine and fats deficient. The ideal diet, potentially, would consist of mostly raw fruit and vegetables, some supplementation – B12 for example, in nature only to be found in insects in large amounts or iodine, much more prevalent in warmer zones of the world. Omega 3 would also be essential, most probably.

The jury is still out on the Holy Grail of nutrition. Individual genetic make-up is important: some of us have ancestors from deep north, who consumed mostly oily fish and fat, some of us come from the south so the genetic “food memory” is yet different. One I am sure of – so much diary and meat in the diet is not good for anyone and they should be, at least partially, swapped for vegetables. It doesn’t mean it is healthy because it is tasty and hospitals are full of victims of such wishful thinking. If the two trials I am about to discuss could make profit, the would be all over the news: both were done by president’s Clinton personal doctor, Dean Ornish (he saved the president from a heart operation, by the way).

In one of the trials, he divided the patients suffering from advanced arterosclerosis into two groups. One did not change their routines at all while the second group became practically vegan and also avoided processed foods or products high in saturated fats. They also supplemented B12 and Omega 3. 5 years have passed and the group who changed their diet has been cured – not 100% cured but still, enough to live an medical-intervention free lives. In practical terms, this means that such diet protects from lethal heart diseases almost completely. Another trial was even more impressive; it dealt with prostate cancer; initially, when the cancer is still in early stages no aggressive therapies are implemented so it is a very good moment to test alternatives, inhibiting its growth. Again, a cohort was divided into two groups – identical guidelines to the ones above. The results were gobsmacking – the cancer retreated! The therapy with food was so effective that it surpassed medical treatment. Detailed analysis performed later on has shown that the diet has turned off genes responsible for cancer.